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Use My Loft is a warm roof insulation foam spray which was carefully developed using over 20 years’ insulation industry expertise.

This spray foam warm roof insulation system is perfect for homeowners with terraced or semi-detached properties, for whom space is a priority.


With new legislation which stipulates that conventional insulation (applied to the loft floor) should be 300mm deep, Use My Loft offers optimal insulation whilst enabling homeowners to make the most of their valuable loft space.




With extensive experience of spray foam loft insulation installation, for both domestic and commercial projects, at Use My Loft, we’re specialist warm roof installers. Our spray foam loft insulation has been carefully developed to exacting standards. Not only does it provide a streamlined, superior insulation, it’s also extremely energy efficient and offers a strong acoustic barrier.

JDB offer a wide range of services.

  • Foam insulation

  • Useable space in your loft

  • Effective air circulation

  • Warm useable loft space in winter

  • Cool fresh space in summer

  • Excellent intrinsic acoustic

  • Reduces aircraft noise

  • No maintenance required

  • Potential to further develop

  • B.B.A approved



We are a company that offers design and building services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.

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