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My Loft is a foam spray for warm roof insulation that has been created with more than 20 years of experience in the insulation.

Use My Loft provides an ideal solution for homeowners living in terraced or semi-detached properties who prioritise space. The spray foam warm roof insulation system offers optimal insulation while allowing homeowners to utilise their valuable loft space. Additionally, with new legislation requiring conventional insulation to be 300mm deep, Use My Loft meets the necessary requirements.

At Use My Loft, we specialise in warm roof installation using spray foam loft insulation for both domestic and commercial projects. Our is highly efficient and provides superior insulation and acoustic barrier. As for JDB, they provide a variety of services.
  • Foam insulation

  • Useable space in your loft

  • Effective air circulation

  • Warm useable loft space in winter

  • Cool fresh space in summer

  • Excellent intrinsic acoustic

  • Reduces aircraft noise

  • No maintenance required

  • Potential to further develop

  • B.B.A approved

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