Locksmith Edinburgh & Fife

Locksmith Edinburgh and Fife.

Locksmith covering central Scotland

Locksmiths at JDB All Trades

Here we have a trusted locksmith offering their services with No Call Out Charge.

Covering Edinburgh,Fife and Central Scotland.

All the Locks fitted meet insurance requirements and are to British Standards 3621 regulations when required.

Our Services Include:-

* Non Destructive Entry
* Lock Replacement and Upgrades
* UPVC and Aluminium door specialists
* Window and Patio Door Locks repaired or replaced
* Garage Door Locks
* Shutter Door Locks
* Digital Locks Re-Coded or Replaced
* Keyed Alike Systems
* Snapped Key Removal

1. Plan
2. Design
3. Deliver
Locksmith Edinburgh Scotland

Locksmith at JDB Edinburgh & Fife

Have you just moved home or office ?

Can you be certain you are the only one who has all the keys to the property?

Potentially previous owners/tenants or even family members could still have a key!!

The solution would be to change your locks for security and peace of mind.

In some cases your insurance company may not cover for the loss of your Precious belongings, if there is no sign of a break in !!

  • * Snapped Key Removal
  • * Keyed Alike Systems
  • * Digital Locks Re-Coded or Replaced
  • * Shutter Door Locks
  • * Garage Door Locks
  • * Window and Patio Door Locks repaired or replaced
    • * UPVC and Aluminium door specialists
      • * Lock Replacement and Upgrades
        • * Edinburgh & Fife Locksmith
          • * Free Quote

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Excellent service and friendly staff, superb will definitely use this company again!!!

Sean Martin